並列題名:Somewhere between : toward the middle space between image and words




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ISBN:978-986-350-253-1 ; 986-350-253-7



不同藝術間某種互相認同的關聯的質素,彷彿那一瞬間,一張畫、一件雕塑正欲發聲為話語。──美國詩人龐德(Ezra Pound, 1885-1972)
From 80+ evocative photographs, pregnant high visions, come poetic echoes of measured pulses and impulses. Two artists, father and son, engaging in a cross-cultural, multi-generational dialogue with rhythmic, vital energy, tracing for the reader an odyssey of cultural and living complexes, explore the push-and-pull interactions between poetry's linguistic signs (seething images in the heart/mind) and photography's visual signs. We experience in this gap what American poet Ezra Pound called the “inter-recognition” between arts, “where paintings or sculptures seem', as it were, “just coming over to speech.”

葉灼(Jonas Yip)/攝影
Jonas Yip is a fine art photographer and musician based in the Los Angeles area. Born in Princeton, New Jersey to a poet-writer-professor father and an art historian mother, Jonas was raised in a creative environment steeped in art and music, poetry and performance, design and architecture, and plenty of world travel. Yet somehow Jonas became an engineer, building a successful career in Silicon Valley startup companies. Over the years, however, he never stopped pursuing his creative passions: music, design, and photography. Jonas has since left the high-tech world to concentrate exclusively on these smaller, more personal projects.
Jonas has been honored with numerous photography awards and his work has been exhibited internationally. Following the publication of the first edition of this book, Paris: Dialogues and Meditations (Nanjing University Press, 2008), an exhibition of photographs and poems excerpted from the book traveled through Taiwan, China and Hong Kong and was also exhibited at the San Diego Museum of Art and the University of California, San Diego. The photographs and poems from the series have been accepted into the permanent collections at the San Diego Museum of Art in San Diego, CA and the National Museum of Chinese Literature in Beijing, China.
葉維廉(Wai-lim Yip)/文
葉氏詩作、理論、翻譯著作五十餘種,重要的有《賦格》、《三十年詩》、《比較詩學》、《歷史.傳釋.美學》、《解讀現代.後現代》、《中國詩學》、《道家美學與西方文化》,以及Ezra Pound’s Cathay, Hiding the Universe: Poems of Wang Wei, Chinese Poetry: Major Modes and Genres等。近十年來,臺灣大陸相繼展出他的手稿和數度為他的理論和詩作舉辦國際性研討會。2002-2004年安徽教育出版社出版其全集九大卷。鑒於他巨大的成果,2005年加州大學授予卓越教授榮譽。
Wai-lim Yip has been active as a bicultural poet, translator, critic and theorist with special contributions to East-West comparative literature, aesthetics and comparative poetics between Taiwan and America for over 45 years. He was born in Guangdong Province, China, in 1937. He received his B.A. and M.A. in English in Taiwan, his MFA from the University of Iowa and his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at Princeton University. Wai-lim Yip has written more than 50 books in two languages, many of which have been widely read in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, chief among them, Fugue, Thirty Years of Poetry, Comparative Poetics(《比較詩學》), Chinese Poetics, Daoist Aesthetics and Western Culture. In recent years he has been honored with exhibitions devoted to his archives and conferences devoted to his (Chinese) Poetry, as well as publication of his Complete (Chinese) Works in 9 thick volumes. In view of his prolific outstanding achievements, the University of California, San Diego has conferred him the title of Distinguished Professor.